Reverse Auctions

Deploy reverse auction strategies to maximise savings and innovate procurement operations.

Boost Your Bottom Line with Reverse Auctions

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Eliminate error-prone manual negotiations with Procol’s intelligent e-reverse auctions tool. Implementing reverse auction strategies helps companies drive the pricing down while maintaining a healthy competitive environment between suppliers. Unlike traditional auctions, where prices increase, in reverse auctions, suppliers compete by lowering their prices to win the final contract. With a proper reverse auction platform, procurement teams can make the most out of their sourcing process and boost cost savings.

Procol’s Feature-Rich Solution Suite for Reverse Auctions



Save invaluable time and money with Procol’s eRFX solution with enriched features. Start getting more pricing options while keeping a check on travel costs.


eAuction Desk

With our best-in-class auction desk, placing a bid or live auctioning has never been easier. Procol’s custom-built auction engine helps you maximize savings.


Supplier Management

Bid adieu to age-old supplier management practices and get started with Procol’s intuitive solution with multiple unique bidding algorithms that boost supplier engagement.


Spend Analytics

Ensuring optimized spends across different categories with Procol. Fast-track reporting with custom reports along with vendor performance analytics.

Key Features

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    Implement 30+ auction strategies

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    Flexible customisations

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    Integration with third-party ERP systems

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    Multi-channel supplier communication via Email and SMS/WhatsApp

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    India’s leading mobile-friendly solution

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    In-built analytic capabilities

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    Intuitive event creation and bid interfaces

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    Extensive audit trails for each event

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    Simplified purchase order (PO) generation

  • Why Procol for Reverse Auctions?

    Procol’s solutions help you across the procurement cycle - right from sourcing to contract. In doing so, our intelligent procurement software can easily tackle all the legacy problems and ensure that no roadblocks come uninvited.


    Boost Savings

    Optimise cost savings by creating a dynamic, competitive bidding environment which helps in driving down the bids and compress prices.

    Real-time Analytics Dashboard

    Stay on top of event negotiations and important business decisions with real-time data and in-depth analysis.

    Better Supplier Relationships

    Improve supplier competition and participation by creating an unbiased level playing field and leveraging multiple auction strategies.

    Quicker Sourcing Cycle

    Conduct multiple eAuction events using prebuilt templates simultaneously while creating a seamless and transparent experience for both buyers and suppliers.

    Increase Negotiation Efficiency

    Move away from traditional in-person negotiations and manual overheads by leveraging automated bidding systems with all intricate event details.

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    Insights from Procol


    “Helps companies make purchases from suppliers who bid for their business in a live online platform”

    — Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia

    “The startup helps food retailers procure inventory online, has clients such as Bikanervala and Big Bazaar.”

    — Yuvraj Malik

    “A single platform for sourcing, collaboration, commodity insights; helps businesses save cost and time”

    — Editorial Desk

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