How Have Procurement Platforms Advanced during the Pandemic?

Gaurav Baheti
Oct 13, 2021·5 min


No line of business has gotten away from the aggravations brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Notwithstanding, there are a few that have benefited, such as procurement.

A procurement team in an organization or association guarantees a proficient and practical supply of goods and services to keep the business running predictably.

Since the pandemic, the worldwide supply network has become limited or stopped. Accomplishing organizational goals has become more challenging than ever before. However, the mists brought about by the pandemic have also helped speed up certain global shifts. Assuming we’re talking about procurement teams, it has been beneficial to demonstrate the value of transformation.

We have recorded down four advancements to comprehend better how procurement platforms are recuperating from the pandemic’s interruption yet developing to be more grounded and proactive than ever before.

Advancement 1.0

To what extent do you feel that a selection of provisions can affect a business’ general performance? I recommend asking from somebody who entirely depended upon Chinese products towards the start of 2020. Procurement’s most significant objective is to construct an adaptable and solid supplier portfolio. However, on account of the real-time data provided, procurement teams are beginning to settle on quicker and precise supplier decisions.

Since the team was outfitted with early warnings about the supply chain hazard, they can now effectively understand the danger in on-time conveyances. At the end of the day, if an issue shows up before the procurement teams that can endanger the course of events and the organization’s reputation, they are prepared in advance to rope in another supplier.

In actuality, it is not only about having the option to settle on the perfect supplier choice at the ideal second. With ongoing data built over time, the procurement team can get a bigger picture by distinguishing the genuine issue in their supply network and, along these lines, permitting them to roll out the fundamental improvements and develop with no potential risk.

Advancement 2.0

We know that automation is imperative in transforming practically every area of an association, and procurement is not a particular case. It is a significant energizing possibility for the procurement team since procurement software or automation permits them to be liberated from the regularly repetitive errands and put the entire spotlight on conveying methodologies. In any case, as many procurement teams have begun to explore various avenues regarding automation, they have come to understand that it is anything but a decent choice.

When you automate a weak interaction, you do not make it productive because you essentially automate its failure. This disclosure has pushed procurement teams to delve further into the process of discovering from where the efficiency is genuinely derived. Additionally, the ones who have added their endeavors into recognizing and mechanizing the shortcomings in the ideal spots are taking a gander at the best outcomes from procurement automation.

Advancement 3.0

The constant real-time data is not only to aid the procurement teams to sort out ways for secure purchasing. However, it assists in getting rid of the association’s rogue consumptions. For quite a while, dissident buying of merchandise has essentially tormented procurement teams’ existence, upsetting their process of optimizing expenditures. In any case, the genuine issue lies with POs, which are difficult to tackle when required.

For better understanding, envision a circumstance where a different line of business maverick issues an unapproved PO. Before, it would have gone through similar interactions as the other POs, and the location of the unapproved PO would come into light after the goods or services were acquired. Regardless, what is the solution to it? There is none since all the procurement team can do is search for the individual liable for it and lecture them.

It does not make any difference about how much the individual got chastened; they got what they needed. That is how rogue spending emerges. However, that has changed at this point. Suppose you are well-managed with accurate real-time data. In that case, the procurement team can automatically recognize the POs denounced by any authority and stop them: thus, bringing about the maverick purchasers to meet their consequences and the association to set aside the money. While this occurs, a strategic contract management plan can funnel rogue spending, and the procurement team further develops its PO rate.

Advancement 4.0

The supply network dominance and procurement data also play a role in aiding the procurement teams to transform their relationships and connections with the supplying accomplices. Assuming the association has quick access to reliable, constant data, the procurement team can utilize their insights to inform the provider about improving their goods and services along these lines—permitting the association to develop and reinforce its relationship with the supplier.

With real-time data, the procurement team can mutually enhance their relationship with the supplier by influencing them to make the necessary improvements or changes. For instance, if the team has undeniable proof of the conflicting conveyance cycle timings, they can offer a defense for repayment or contract renegotiation. However, the information is something beyond a method for bargaining, as it empowers the procurement team to implant straightforwardness with the provider. In other words, if there is an arising issue identified with the delivery pattern of the supplier, they are likely to unveil it transparently, permitting the procurement team to make a quick move-in supporting the progression of the business.

What are your thoughts?

For quite a long time, execution data, rebel POs, supplier hazards, and various bits of knowledge have been caught in divided frameworks. Consequently, this has dialed back remedial actions with an absence of foresightedness. Be that as it may, today, procurement teams have discovered better approaches to separate real-time information from the transactional frameworks to make an immediate move, thus, engaging them to change accurately and proactively. Whether you’re building versatile supplier portfolios or acquisition techniques, everything starts with accurate data. If you’re handling it appropriately, the offered openings will increase your procurement function and association.

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