Bridge your processes and technology with Procol’s smart APIs and enable interoperability with connected systems. Eliminate the hassle of collating disparate data from multiple tools and upscale your procurement infrastructure.

How Integration Can Add Value?

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    Reduce Procurement Errors

    Eliminate human errors and risk of over-ordering by automating the process of generating invoices and POs.

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    Optimize Operations

    Scale your procurement operations by integrating your existing apps for ERP, procurement, and supply chain planning while minimizing delays and complexity simultaneously.

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    Improve Visibility and Compliance

    Gain real-time visibility of your spends, contracts, and vendors, by unifying data from multiple departments onto our centralized platform.

Expand to what seemed impossible

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    Illustrative Dashboards

    Take advantage of Procol’s mobile-enabled and easy-to-use solutions to configure and manage information from multiple platforms.

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    Instant Triggers

    Automate triggers and reminders to start actions and share data across systems. Monitor notification status like open rate, delivery, and pending messages in real-time.

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    Powerful Plugins

    Unify multiple ERP, procurement, accounting, and additional systems on our cloud-based platform and gain end-to-end visibility across enterprise.

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    Effortless Data Exchange

    Leverage our fast and flexible integrations to easily exchange data across your organization and make informed business decisions.

Insights from Procol


“Helps companies make purchases from suppliers who bid for their business in a live online platform”

— Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia

“The startup helps food retailers procure inventory online, has clients such as Bikanervala and Big Bazaar.”

— Yuvraj Malik

“A single platform for sourcing, collaboration, commodity insights; helps businesses save cost and time”

— Editorial Desk

Procol can revolutionize procurements for you.

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