Difference Between ERFI, ERFQ & EAuction

Gaurav Baheti
Nov 22, 2021·5 min



Sourcing processes are generally concerned with finding and assessing possible suppliers, just as selecting the supplier who offers the best value for procured commodities and services. Sourcing prepares the procurement organizations. While sourcing and procurement are frequently utilized reciprocally (as numerous different terms in this field), they have very different meanings. However, the two of them should be concerned with minimizing expenses, increasing orders fulfillment, and providing satisfaction to all the involved parties. If you need help in sourcing activities, Procol can help you.


A uniform term is used concerning the use of digital technologies used in the sourcing process, which is eSourcing. In eSourcing, you can do the vast majority of the processes in the sourcing cycle carefully. It can make the interaction considerably more proficient and straightforward. You utilize computerized apparatuses to solidify propositions, quotes, and offers from different suppliers.

Features of eSourcing

Increase proficiency: eSourcing helps you find, contact and assess countless suppliers. You can likewise keep the opposition going all through the interaction without extra difficult work. With everything taken into account, it can bring about genuine expense investment funds.

Increase procurement esteem add: As recently noted, computerized devices assist with decreasing the difficult work of the procurement group. This way, they’ll possess more energy for refining their different assignments, for example, bringing more spending under administration and increasing inner consumer loyalty.

Transparency: eSourcing typically utilizes a focal entryway that is an open jungle gym for purchasers and suppliers. It shows polished methodology and trust of reasonable game. Suppliers can watch out for the critical data, for example, cutoff times, situations.

Compliance: eSourcing instruments combine all pertinent documentation, making it simpler to follow back or fundamentally review later on. You can likewise approve suppliers’ consistency with significant measures, for example, wellbeing or security rules directly toward the start.

Considering the number of suppliers taking an interest in a sourcing occasion, evaluation of all their features and the benefits would require a few hours or even days. Therefore, utilizing eSourcing software may be an ideal choice. In any case, when things are time-bounded and the number of commodities and suppliers do not affect the overall process, eRFI and eRFQ give excellent outcomes. If you need help in ERFI and ERFQ activities, Procol can help you.


ERFI implies utilizing electronic mediums alongside RFI programs. Request for Information (RFI) helps procurement groups to source and evaluate granular subtleties of their sourcing needs from master merchants on the lookout. RFIs help procurement groups to remember numerous merchants without investing much effort in assessing the seller’s capabilities. When a purchasing association sends a Request for Information (RFI), they are looking for general data about planned suppliers’ capacities and administrations/products. This stage in the procurement cycle includes either a Request for Quotation (RFQ) or a Request for Proposal (RFP). If you need help in ERFI, ERFP, and ERFQ activities, Procol can help you.


A request for quote (RFQ) is a cycle wherein an organization requests the selected suppliers and workers for hire to submit value quotes and offers for the opportunity to satisfy specific assignments or ventures. By utilizing ERFQ, associations can use computerized advancements and the most recent innovative advancements to request quotes while sourcing or getting required commodities and services.


The eAuction, or reverse auction, includes continuous electronic serious offering where the purchaser requests for citation and suppliers bid for business, trying to diminish the selling costs until a genuine market cost has been reached. It is contrary to the forward auction wherein the purchasers contend with getting the labor and products by offering higher remuneration.

Differences and Relationships between ERFI, ERFQ, and EAuction

In the business world, the cycle incorporates having merchants or organizations submit RFPs (request for the proposition) or RFQs (request for quote), so you can think about their items and administrations. While an RFQ is a quote request, an RFP is a request for the proposition. The fundamental distinction is the reason. An RFQ is sent when you know precisely what item/administration you need, and you truly just need to know the cost. An RFP is sent when it’s more convoluted, and you need to assess many factors other than cost before settling on a choice. While an RFP gives more point-by-point data on the actual assistance, an RFQ essentially answers the amount it costs. An RFQ suggests this is a straightforward, on-request buy rather than a more drawn-out term project with a more extended purchasing process.

E-Sourcing apparatuses offer adaptability just as better value disclosure, yet the inquiry that keeps on confronting procurement groups is when to utilize eAuction instead of when all things considered, let’s take the RFI/RFP course. In the RFP cycle, every subtlety relating to the necessity is gathered from the possible suppliers and broken down to get market value. This cycle guarantees less danger and accomplishment of the auction even when eAuction is utilized for normalized items.

Overall, ERFQ simplifies the process of requesting quotations by constructing professional relationships to attain greater efficiency. On the other hand, ERFI helps the procurement teams capture details of their sourcing requirement digitally from the market and process it for understanding, documenting, and developing purchase requirements efficiently. Lastly, EAuction is the digital transaction between the suppliers and organizations using the electronic medium for assuring the reliability and security of the overall sourcing process. You can take the help of Procol to improve the efficiency of your sourcing practices. Hope this article helps you in understanding the differences between ERFI, ERFQ, and EAuction in eSourcing. For more info, you can visit Procol.

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