Do your construction projects need a procurement solution?

Gaurav Baheti
Jun 29, 2022·3 min


In the context of the construction industry, procurement refers to the sourcing of services and other goods. It primarily involves allocating construction work, managing design, and selecting building-related components.

The idea & expertise of a successful procurement strategy is essential for the efficient operation of a business, from hiring contract workers to finding high-quality products at competitive prices to logistically managing the transfer of commodities between locations and facilities.

Every construction project involves several interrelated issues, including costs and finances, hazards, quality, and turnover. Moreover, there is pressure to follow legal requirements. Risks characterize construction processes, and once stakeholders are aware of these risks, they prioritize a procurement strategy appropriate for the chosen risk profile. Maintaining parity between these parameters is risky without the construction procurement software.

What good does procurement bring to the construction Industry?

In both the building and design phases, procurement is crucial to a project’s success. Project managers’ expertise, understanding of the market, and resource access are crucial. Depending on how they are used, procurement models used in a project can have benefits and drawbacks.

However, there are anticipated benefits of E-procurement that apply to all industries, demonstrating how important procurement is in the building industry.

Some advantages of procurement in construction are listed below.

  1. Achieve projects on time:

The timing of crucial project operations is influenced by the time spent acquiring products and services. The procurement cycle directly affects critical dates in the project timeline, such as the dates of material deliveries and the completion of contracted work. A project’s success will be impacted by improper procurement since it will cause delays or put the project on a critical path.

  1. Mitigating risks:

Project failures are an unabated risk. Project delays are one of the dangers in a project. Reliable Procurement prevents this because goods and services are supplied on time. The building process goes without a hitch and is finished on schedule.

  1. Enhances communication:

Electronic procurement enhances communication between project stakeholders and outside vendors. Stakeholders must hold regular meetings and offer helpful feedback on how the procurement procedure can function effectively. The construction process is enhanced by effective communication, which generates more innovative ideas.

  1. Plans budget:

It’s critical for your business to have someone knowledgeable about market rates and when budget exceptions are acceptable when handling big projects. An effective procurement process will be able to identify high and pointless spending.

Additionally, it removes the client’s ability to haggle because the procurement team is constantly prepared to negotiate any estimate and guarantee that the client receives the best price.

Construction Procurement Management Software - Do you need it?

The success of building projects is greatly increased by considering the digitization of the entire procurement and construction process. Automated construction procurement software eases faster deployment from designing to various construction phases.

Businesses can optimize their profits at the lowest possible cost by implementing a strong procurement management system. It also helps keep a positive relationship with suppliers and get high-quality products. A good construction procurement management system can reduce contractual, financial, and operational risks & speed up greater profitability, and improve supply chains.

Procol’s intelligent solutions facilitates improved decision-making, thereby, speeding up the completion of projects for site engineers, owners, consultants, and project managers by making the laborious process easier for them.

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