Growth-enabling technology is the New age of procurement

Shridhar Taparia
Mar 02, 2022·4 min


Procurement systems used to be paper-based before e-procurement or electronic transmissions of data to assist the purchasing function were introduced. It worked because it had to, but procurement professionals hated it because of the inefficiencies and the time it took.

For process automation and increased profit margins, businesses throughout the world are turning to procurement technology. The technology also aids in productivity, greater transaction transparency, accountability, and cost-effectiveness throughout the supply chain. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest advancements in procurement technologies and their benefits for businesses.

Trends in Procurement Technology

Here are the newest trends in procurement technology:

  1. Cloud Computing

To make use of the valuable insights afforded by data, cloud computing has become a need. The procurement function has been decentralised using cloud technology, making it more scalable and easy to integrate. Cloud technologies allow procurement to effortlessly interact with accounting, customer service, and manufacturing tools.

  1. Blockchain

The year 2021 saw a rise in understanding the benefits of blockchain technology in procurement. New levels of speed and security can be achieved through the use of this new technology. Throughout the next few years, blockchain technology will evolve from being a luxury item to a needed item.

  1. Cyber Security

To be successful in the age of digital transformation, procurement officials must prioritise cybersecurity. The need to protect procurement systems from tampering, destruction, and corruption is growing as technology becomes more heavily relied upon.

  1. Automation

In addition to cost savings, digital technology has eliminated the need for time-consuming paperwork and monotonous manual labour in the procurement process. Automation has freed up human resources to work on duties that are more beneficial to the business. Both costs and value are saved as a result of this.

  1. Mobile-Friendly Technology

Mobile-friendly purchasing technology is becoming increasingly popular as cell phones continue to take over our lives. Increasing numbers of businesses are putting resources into mobile procurement technology.

Benefits of Latest Technology for the Growth of a Business

Here are some benefits of procurement technology for businesses:

  1. A reduction in costs and a better understanding of spending

Procurement software allows you to structure your spending among providers and track everything in one area. In addition to reducing expenses by leveraging volume, spend analytics makes it easier to uncover cost-cutting opportunities regularly. By using supplier scorecards and other risk management techniques, you’ll be able to keep track of your vendors and cut costs in other areas as well.

  1. Supply Chain Management

Your organisation can quickly source goods and services from anywhere in the world thanks to procurement solutions that enable numerous currencies, languages, and shipping options. Online procurement solutions give you access to suppliers all around the world, increasing your options for products, services, and vendors.

  1. Enhanced Efficiency in the Workplace

Many internal activities, such as supplier appraisal and purchase order tracking, can now be automated thanks to e-procurement technology solutions. There is less room for error if you can automate as much as possible. More time is freed up for tasks that cannot be automated, such as strategic sourcing and contract administration, when more can be done without the involvement of a human.

  1. Process simplification

Electronic document storage is made possible by procurement technology, reducing the number of steps required. Because reusable templates are readily available, engagement turnaround times are reduced. In addition, contracts and orders are kept in the system, so it takes less time to locate older records. This decreases the risk of human error by speeding up contract compliance checks.

  1. An increase in the accuracy of the data

As a result, the risk of human error is reduced when data is processed electronically. Documents may be retrieved quickly from your document repository to verify contract compliance and eliminate data inaccuracies.

With the procurement system, it’s easy to keep track of who’s doing what and why. As a result, everyone is held accountable for their activities, and the security of the data is unaffected.

  1. Integration inside the company

It’s possible to reduce or even remove asymmetrical information in your organisation by using an electronic purchasing system across all departments.

By implementing this procedure across the entire organisation, everyone will be able to receive the supplies they require when they need them, without having to go through procurement directly.

  1. E-Catalogues

Buyers can see more of the products and prices that are accessible to them by using electronic catalogues. You’ll be able to compare apples to apples among vendors as these catalogues become more popular, allowing you to ensure that you’re getting the greatest value possible.


Investing in procurement tools and technology will pay off in the long run because you’ll be more productive. An almost immediate change in the workflow will occur as a result of the increased efficiency. Additionally, you’ll save money in the long run, which will free up more funds for growth-oriented projects at your organisation. You should prefer the best procurement software like Procol to adopt the latest procurement technology to drive your company forward. Get your demo of this leading procurement software today.

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