How Digitizing and Automating Vendor Management Helps Your Business

Gaurav Baheti
Jan 25, 2022·5 min


In this day and age, businesses do not care about geographical boundaries. They want to increase their reach as much as possible for long-term growth. This is an ideal approach because if you are always concerned about geographical boundaries, you will never be able to take your business to new heights.

To achieve unprecedented business reach, companies are joining hands with different vendors located in different countries. Although it seems like a wise move, the problems related to vendor management arise far too often.

What is vendor management?

It is a process that companies follow to manage their suppliers (vendors). Right from selecting vendors to ensuring service quality, everything comes under vendor management

Handling the vendor management process is not an easy job. Several challenges mark the way, like taking care of payments, staying abreast with ever-changing regulations, taking follow-ups, creating contracts, managing documents, procuring materials, etc.

The struggle with such challenges will never end unless you invest in a vendor management system that helps you digitize the whole process for the sake of fixing the pain points once and for all.

Let’s understand why digitizing and automating vendor management is important for organizations of all sizes:

  • Effortless vendor onboarding

Sticking with the old-school approach means investing a lot of resources and time during the vendor onboarding process. This is not ideal from a business perspective. Therefore, companies should invest in vendor management systems, as it can cut unnecessary expenses, shorten the onboarding time, increase productivity, etc.

Even more, you enjoy faster access to crucial information related to bank details of the vendor, regulatory data, order capacity, and so forth. It happens because the vendor management system keeps all this information in one place so that you can access it whenever the need arises.

You get an immersive experience with vendor management when a lot of powerful features are available to use. For example, the automation form feature fills up all the details in a jiffy so that you can manage all your vendors with the utmost ease and do not face hassles due to manual errors.

  • Better contract management

When you are blessed with several vendors, the only thing that could be problematic for you is being unable to manage a pile of contracts efficiently. Of course, you cannot take this for granted because you can find your business in legal trouble if anything goes haywire. This is where the importance of the** vendor management system increases significantly. It keeps all contracts in one place so that you can check them out at any time.

It goes without saying that when your data is centralized, you can manage and analyze both open and closed contracts effortlessly. This gives you immense confidence while checking that all vendors are meeting your business requirements and adhering to SLAs (service level agreements).

So, yes, digitizing and automating vendor management can help you bring transparency and reduce the number of conflicts.

  • Risk mitigation

You are bound to be exposed to multiple risks like additional expenses, non-compliance, operational inefficiency, etc., while working with different vendors. The only way to mitigate such risks is to get complete visibility regarding your vendors. In this case, a well-developed vendor management system can help you because it enables you to track each vendor’s activity and gather necessary information periodically.

By digitizing the whole process, you can easily keep a tab on the vendors’ qualifications, certifications, and finances. Additionally, you will be able to keep a close eye on how each vendor works, which, in turn, allows you to identify potential risks in the early stages. As a result, you get plenty of time to wipe out risks from the root.

  • Makes document handling and payment process hassle-free

Handling a pile of documents has always been difficult and annoying because they generally get misplaced or damaged over time. This can be dealt with easily if you digitize your documents with a vendor management system. All your documents will be stored securely, which you can easily access and manage painlessly. The icing on the cake is that document retrieval won’t be problematic anymore, as you can easily set filters or sort your digitized documents.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about regulatory compliance, as all you need to do is enable the auto-delete feature to let your vendor management system automatically delete documents as per your regulation settings.

In the same way, you can digitize your payments to prevent money-related quarrels. It gives you complete control of your transactions, which will help you manage various bills and corresponding payments flawlessly.

  • Helps to build long-lasting relationships with vendors

By trusting a vendor management system, you can easily establish a bond of trust with your vendors. It helps you keep things crystal clear so that both parties never have to be involved in a conflict. This opens up several business opportunities for you and also helps develop a base of trustworthy vendors.

A vendor management system helps you build long-lasting relationships with all your vendors and paves the way for smooth collaboration so that you don’t have to struggle while working on any project. Consequently, it increases your business’s longevity and builds a strong brand image in the market.

Wrapping up

The only way to overcome the hurdles related to** vendor management **is to deploy a tool that can help automate and digitize the whole process so that you can focus on core business activities and enjoy optimal performance.

This is where companies like Procol come into the picture, with well-developed software to put all your worries regarding vendor management away. Plus, you get access to fabulous features like real-time reporting, powerful analytics, flawless report generation, etc. Such incredible features ensure that you handle things like a pro and progress according to your plans.

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