Implement Best Practices for End-to-End Contract Management

Shridhar Taparia
Sep 26, 2022·4 min

Contract automation can increase process effectiveness, minimise risk, and save money and time. However, even considering the change can be overwhelming, mainly when contract procedures are crucial to business operations. The best part is that switching to an automatic contract vendor management solution may be done without stress by following a few easy steps.

You will discover that an integrated contract management procurement system will improve your efficiency and your relationships with clients, suppliers, and others. Further, you will develop a painless procedure for certifying contracts so everybody can get to work instead of wasting time moving paper.

Contract Management Best Practices

  • Start with the Executive Tier

All executives must be on board with implementing a new procurement system for contract management. Adoption would be difficult without top-level backing.

What manifests stakeholder buy-in? It flows down via your business, and there is good communication and alignment among your spend management team. It entails setting aside funds and resources for supporting important initiatives and scheduling time for appropriate training.

  • Organising Internal Administrator

After gaining support, choosing the right contract lifecycle management (CLM) programme’s administrator is crucial. You may close the information gap between your company and the vendor of your contract management procurement solution by selecting a project leader and quality assurance team that is both highly qualified. The ideal governing board must comprise business associates from various organisational departments if success is to be had. This enables you to adapt your programme with strong enterprise-wide alignment on the policies, procedures, and practices.

  • Equipping Teams with Training and Enablement

Enablement and training groups provide training materials, coordinate communications, and establish a feedback cycle, serving as the foundation for promoting adoption and effective results. Users who receive practical training can get started and run fast. Enabling them educates them on how to behave correctly, particularly in the particular circumstances of their employment.

To pay attention to how wider adoption influences procedures and people, the enablement group may be required to be established at a top-level group for enterprises with different divisions or locations. You may reduce risk and spend less money with effective contract vendor management.

  • Determining Ongoing Procedures and Picturing the Desired Outcome

Do you feel ready to begin? Closing the distinction between your present and future states will give your CLM its true worth. This starts with adequately recording the existing situation and comprehending what is being performed, especially regarding the elements crucial to relationship spend management. This paperwork and evaluation aid in discovering process flaws, gaps, and other areas for development. You may imagine what your future-state CLM procurement solution should appear like with this understanding of how you currently handle things.

  • Defining the Project’s Success

Determining the project’s success is a crucial best practice, but businesses frequently forget to address it when putting it into practice. It’s challenging to show the ROI unless you establish your success criteria immediately, especially if you want to extend CLM into other organisational divisions.

Success would be evaluated at the company level based on financial results, like how enhanced contracting procedures boost earnings and lower risk. All partners can assess progress, recognise when standards are reached, and understand where additional work must be performed thanks to these quantitative performance measurements. According to a study, 50% of corporate executives indicated that delays in the contracting procedure cost them commercial chances.

  • Thorough Evaluation

Your subject matter specialists make a crucial contribution here. They are aware of the essential configuration elements they desire & the elements that ought to be included in normal operating processes and workflows. You may verify that your CLM e-procurement is configured correctly, shorten the roll-out period, and reduce project dangers by effectively including the most qualified individuals in your business within the contract management evaluation process.

Implementation costs and schedules can be used to gauge the real success of a project. Programme metrics may be linked to procedure KPIs such as speed, as shown by the turnaround time for contracts, or iterations, indicated by changes made to the contract.

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