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Strategic Sourcing Software: A Guidebook for Businesses

Gaurav Baheti
Apr 22, 2024·11 min


Today, sourcing is a crucial aspect of procurement. It is not limited to signing contracts with vendors but also maintaining vendor relationships while improving cost efficiency and optimizing processes. Both sourcing and procurement streamline a business’s procurement goals.

Fulfilling procurement processes is essential for a business. Strategic sourcing software handles this efficiently. Such as identifying vendors, negotiating contracts, and performing other tasks required to buy goods and services. Sourcing strategy software has various features to let the procurement team achieve long-term business success.

Businesses use strategic sourcing solutions to speed up their procurement processes, cut costs, and more. In this blog, we will learn about strategic sourcing, the best strategic sourcing software, and why it is essential for business success. Stay tuned!!

What Is Strategic Sourcing?

Strategic sourcing or esourcing refers to the supply chain management approach that formalizes gathering and using information. It entails several vital steps. It starts with researching and selecting vendors, negotiating contracts to get better deals, ensuring timely orders, looking for quality, etc. This approach necessitates collaboration between departments, including finance, procurement, operations, etc., to ensure sourcing decisions align with business goals.

Vendor Selection Vs. Strategic Sourcing

Vendor selection is limited to a single factor, such as cost, qualifications, quantity, etc. At the same time, strategic sourcing considers the big picture of the procurement process, such as selecting vendors based on their ability to serve the business and industry expertise, negotiating prices, and checking deliverables to ensure they are as per the requirement, proving long-term benefits.

Difference Between Strategic Sourcing Vs. Procurement

Procurement and strategic sourcing seem similar, meaning managing relationships and developing a healthy supply chain. In reality, however, they are different. Procurement is all about selecting, acquiring, and buying goods and services. Meanwhile, strategic sourcing focuses on executing those supply channels efficiently.

Difference Between Strategic Sourcing Vs. Supply Chain Management

Strategic sourcing and supply chain management are both consuming terms, as both are meant to create healthier supply chains for organizations. However, the difference is that supply chain management operates supply chains to source for suppliers, handle orders, and receive deliveries. Strategic sourcing optimizes supply chains to execute swiftly and more efficiently. In other words, supply chain management creates and manages supply chains for daily inventory; strategic sourcing enhances those chains to save costs.

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Key Benefits Of Strategic Sourcing

The procurement aim is to provide the inventory according to company needs; if it’s the organization’s only priority, the procurement operation will suffer disruption. Strategic sourcing benefits organizations as it undergoes the procurement processes, saving time and giving businesses long-term value. Having the right strategic sourcing tool will encourage good relationships.

Thus, strategic sourcing software can save time. Check out other advantages.

1. Cost reduction:

Strategic sourcing looks for various methods to save companies costs that will be useful in the long run. These methods include buying cheaper products, seeking volume discounts, and exploring alternative products. Each of these strategies can lead to substantial savings for a business.

2. Risk management:

Strategic sourcing is not just about compliance checks; it’s about providing a secure environment for business operations. It helps businesses reduce supply risk and find loopholes to function more efficiently, instilling a sense of reassurance and confidence. Hence, sourcing strategy helps a business prioritize goals and performance metrics. Any failure in the supply chain can put a company’s operations on hold, increase costs, or expose it to legal liability. Thus, having a strategic sourcing tool in place helps identify and rectify problems with procurement operations.

3. Supplier relationships:

Strategic sourcing maintains a healthy relationship between supply and buyer, which a successful business requires. Its collaborative approach to building and nurturing supplier relationships offers a competitive edge. For instance, companies have successfully aligned vendor and buyer goals through strategic sourcing, fostering a sense of unity and shared goals and inspiring businesses to strive for excellence.

4. Efficient procurement operation:

Strategic sourcing develops flexible, scalable systems that can adapt to changes in the business environment. These systems eliminate errors, uncover fraud, and continuously make a company’s procurement operations agile.

What Is Strategic Sourcing Software?

Strategic sourcing software handles business procurement processes such as buying goods and services from suppliers. The sourcing software tools help conduct market research, find potential suppliers, negotiate contracts, handle invoices and payments, and assess supplier performance. Thus, the best strategic sourcing software facilitates an organization’s sourcing and procurement processes. Implementing the software will decrease costs and improve the quality of the goods and services, ensuring that employees and vendors adhere to laws and regulations.

Why Does Your Business Need Strategic Procurement Solutions?

Strategic procurement solutions are essential for businesses. They add value to the procurement process, for example, streamlining it from acquiring suppliers to payment to ensure business efficiency. Procurement software has tools that evaluate vendor performance, maintain a database, and improve transparency, which is crucial for cost savings and compliance.

Thus, strategic procurement solutions will lead to quick operations, reduce risk, help with informed decision-making, and enhance overall performance. Implementing the best strategic sourcing software in a business has various benefits, but the most important is saving money and time. The sourcing strategy software also helps buy the best possible products or services from vendors and streamlines the entire procurement process.

Benefits Of Implementing Strategic Procurement Solutions

1. Enhances organization’s decision-making:

Implementing a strategic sourcing platform will help procurement employees make informed decisions. The software provides up-to-date information about where to source products and services.

2. Improves efficiency:

Procurement professionals can compare suppliers and their offerings with a few clicks. This will further save time and energy that would otherwise be required for manual sourcing processes. Therefore, implementing the best strategic sourcing software will help organizations enhance their efficiency and productivity.

3. Transparency:

Implementing the strategic sourcing platform puts all the information in one place, making it easier to identify internal potential issues, leading to transparency and accountability.

4. Cost reduction:

The sourcing process is time-consuming and requires a large workforce, so companies send more. Top strategic sourcing software for procurement makes it easier for an organization to save on costs and find suppliers with better terms.

5. Better relationships with suppliers and stakeholders:

The best strategic sourcing software helps organizations’ suppliers provide high-quality goods and services according to their required quality standards and time deliverables. Implementing the sourcing strategy software lets you easily access supplier performance and ensure they are delivering goods or services according to the mutually agreed terms and conditions. It also implements positive relationships with them. Thus, it also builds strong relationships with stakeholders to ensure clarity throughout the procurement process.

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Features To Look For In A Strategic Sourcing Software Solution

Strategic sourcing software has various features. It lets organizations manage the entire procurement process on time without wasting money. While selecting top strategic sourcing software for procurement, you must ask these questions: Is its interface easy to use? Is it cloud-based software?

Well, cloud-based procurement software is cost-effective, requires no maintenance, and is easy to execute. Companies like Procol offer procurement software platforms to let the enterprise reap the advantages.

Look for these essential strategic sourcing tool mentioned below:

1. Supplier management:

Supplier management features allow easy vendor onboarding, performance tracking, dispute resolution, transaction completion, and cooperation. When suppliers find it easy to communicate with professionals, they complete the purchase process quickly.

2. Purchase order management:

Purchase order management assures efficient e-procurement solutions, giving visibility into the comprehensive purchase lifecycle from creation to completion.

3. Contract management:

The contract management feature allows for the centralized storage of contracts, tracking their milestones, contract negotiation, and ensuring compliance.

4. Spend analysis:

Spend Analysis helps businesses know about their spending patterns. The feature allows them to look for cost savings opportunities. Inventory management: Inventory management features let procurement professionals track stock levels, stockouts, and extra inventory in real-time.

5. Mobile access:

The mobile access feature lets procurement professionals access the dashboard anytime, wherever they are, to drive efficiency, ensuring the team adheres to internal policies and leading to enhanced productivity.

6. Analytics:

This feature helps businesses observe their category spending by checking analytics and providing information for strategic decision-making.

7. Customizable dashboard:

Offers customized workflows and templates so that sourcing strategy software can align precisely with the organization’s needs to ensure optimal results.

How To Find The Right Strategic Sourcing Solution?

To find the right strategic sourcing solution that fits your organization’s needs. Companies must look into factors other than cost and user experience:


Understanding your organization’s requirements is paramount before selecting strategic sourcing software. Thus, by understanding business requirements, companies can ensure that the software works per the business’s needs and goals, which leads to an effective procurement process.


It’s best if you can test the functionality of sourcing strategy software. This will ensure that the strategic sourcing solution can effectively manage your business sourcing and procurement process. Look for a free demo to ensure it has all the essential strategic sourcing tools.


It is vital to consider how the strategic sourcing solution will integrate with other systems and processes within the organization. This step ensures a smooth operation. Scalability: Look for a customizable strategic sourcing solution that can accommodate the company’s future growth and changes in needs.

Strategic Sourcing Best Practices

The term strategic sourcing is adequate for executing all the procurement processes. However, there are other practices to improve your business procurement processes.

  • Performance:

Measure your business processes before and after making changes to the procurement processes. This will help you ensure whether these changes are producing results.

  • Negotiation:

When it comes to vendors, they often provide businesses with the opportunity for pricing negotiation. You can save your business between 15-30% by leveraging your volume purchases and seeking long-term contracts. This significant cost reduction can greatly benefit your business’s bottom line.

  • Know the supplier market:

To understand the market, you must undergo market research. Research pricing patterns to see price fluctuations.

  • Look for quality:

It is only sometimes good to follow price tags. Only some suppliers offering cheaper goods or services provide quality. Compromise quality, safety, etc., is not wise for business success.

  • Try to give time orders:

To stay ahead of competitors, you must always stay one step ahead to build inventory. Keep an eye on your inventory and order on time to avoid costly product purchases, especially if you have not made any contracts with vendors.

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Strategic Sourcing Companies To Consider In 2024


Founded in 2018, Procol offers the best strategic sourcing software solution to streamline all procurement activities. It provides an easy-to-use interface customizable according to business needs, a higher return on investment, and reduced compliance and cost. It is an all-in-one sourcing platform, and strategic sourcing tool include custom report analysis, vendor management, sourcing, a mobile platform, supplier management, intake management, etc. Procol has various unmatched features and capabilities, that makes it the best procurement management software for your system.

What works for Procol:

  • Next-generation platform to get all your spend under control and ultimately gain 2-10% cost savings
  • Saved 15,000 hours by automating tedious procurement tasks for 100+ global enterprises
  • $100M+ generated savings by Procol customers
  • Empowers teams with a dedicated mobile-first approach. It ensures procurement professionals have the flexibility they need to drive efficiency wherever they are.
  • Businesses gain the flexibility of customizable workflows and templates that meet precise organizational need
  • Gives access to 50,000+ suppliers registered, onboarded globally
  • Intuitive interface and unmatched efficiency ensures quick setup
  • Streamlines capex sourcing for maximum efficiency
  • Integrates seamlessly with ERP systems to smoothen procurement operations.


Jagger, founded in 1995, offers cloud-based procurement solutions to streamline its processes. It manages the entire procurement cycle from sourcing contract to payment. Jagger offers strategic sourcing tools like spend management, contract management, analytics supplier management, invoicing, contracts, payment, e-procurement, sourcing optimization, etc. It is basically an all-in-one procurement solution.


It was founded in 2011 and offers an intelligent spend management solution. It provides one procure-to-pay solution to handle all procurement processes. It ensures all the processes are managed effectively, ensuring complaints and efficiency. The sourcing strategy software offers real-time access to data, standardized workflow, and transparency. Features include spend management, contract management, purchase order management, vendor management, real-time reporting, budget management, etc.


In 2012, SAP offered a sourcing strategy software named SAP Arabia. The strategic sourcing platform offers procurement and supply chain solutions. It ensures compliance with all processes from sourcing to purchasing and spending management. Strategic sourcing tool include procurement automation, contract management, supplier management, etc.


A business must implement a strategic sourcing solution that includes the essential strategic sourcing tool required to work efficiently for the procurement team. This tool enables better decision-making and reduces time and cost. It also helps you strengthen relationships with suppliers and ensures transparency. So, look for top strategic sourcing software for procurement that fulfils your business needs and fosters business growth over time. Most importantly, the sourcing strategy software must incorporate future growth.

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