Terms and Conditions

  1. By accessing this website, www.procol.io/capital, you acknowledge and confirm that you are seeking information relating to ProCapital of your own accord.
  2. The borrower has government-issued proof of identity, proof of income and a valid bank account as required by ProCapital.
  3. The information and financial details submitted on the ProCapital website or through its brand partners are correct and accurate.
  4. The borrower has no objection to ProCapital conducting due diligence on credit worthiness before listing the borrower, and would provide ProCapital with any necessary documents, as requested.
  5. ProCapital may share and use borrower’s Information including but not limited to the requirement of a loan, amount of loan required, interest to be paid, time period of the loan, employment and residential details, and ownership of assets (if any) on the ProCapital website for the purpose of fulfilling its obligations.
  6. Any details posted on the ProCapital website cannot be modified.
  7. The listing of a borrower cannot be withdrawn at any time prior to the expiration of the listing period.
  8. A listing for a minimum of INR 30,000 (Indian Rupees Thirty Thousand) shall be posted for a borrower. However, ProCapital reserves the right to modify the limits.
  9. ProCapital charges loan listing fees at the time of registration and ProCapital reserves the right to change the listing fees from time to time.
  10. A copy of the loan agreement entered into by the borrower and lender will be provided to ProCapital by the borrower.
  11. ProCapital shall be indemnified at all times by the borrower against any losses, damages, fees, costs, liability, expenses, suits, proceedings, etc. caused by breach or for acts of omission/commission or as a result of the lender relying on the representations, warranties and acknowledgements and information provided in this application and/or the loan agreement and/or any other document forming part of the loan agreement.
  12. ProCapital only introduces lenders to borrowers and is not engaged or responsible for either lending or ensuring that the borrower finds a lender.
  13. ProCapital is not responsible for any losses of money, breaches of privacy, or leakages of confidential information.
  14. Dishonouring a cheque/ECS or stopping payment on a cheque/ECS is a civil wrong and also a criminal offence under Section 138 read with Section 142 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881, and the borrower will be prosecuted for any such violation.
  15. ProCapital has the sole authority to list a borrower and its decision is final.
  16. ProCapital's job is limited to providing a platform to borrowers, performing credit reviews and connecting to potential lenders and lending institutions.
  17. Any disagreements ("Disputes") between ProCapital and the borrower about the terms and conditions, or rights and duties under it, including any disagreement about its existence, validity, or termination, will be resolved through mutual negotiation and agreement. If ProCapital and borrower are unable to reach an agreement, the Dispute will be referred to a single arbitrator appointed by ProCapital. The arbitrator will resolve the dispute in accordance with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 and its relevant Rules, as amended from time to time. The arbitrator's decision will be final and binding. The arbitration proceedings will take place in Gurgaon, India, and will be conducted in English. Each party will pay an equal share of the arbitrator's fee and other arbitration costs.