5 Most Important Procurement Solutions You Need in 2022

Shridhar Taparia
Apr 26, 2022·3 min


Doing it manually has some very genuine challenges. Increased volumes of data slow a team down, there might be a real lack of interconnectivity, and transparency issues remain unsolved.

There are two ways of approaching this issue: we may look at it from a project-specific perspective. The uniqueness of each project might lead to very particular problems.
The other approach is more process-oriented. The entire process can also be sluggish and inefficient, or it can compromise data accuracy and transparency

Digitizing the entire procedure speeds the procure-to-pay and source-to-pay cycles, leaving professionals free to attend to other duties. High-accuracy activities like supplier negotiations, contract renewals, or generating PRs and POs are best handled by cloud procurement solutions.

The best digitization methods are scalable, easy to adopt, and easy to use. The choicest procurement solutions companies ensure complete spend visibility and minimal management.

Here are the 5 best procurement solutions that you can’t afford to miss in 2022:


Smart e-sourcing solutions identify new suppliers for separate categories of goods/services. Top procurement solutions will allow you to view supplier bids/responses simultaneously and build RFPs, RFQs, and RFIs swiftly. Robust bidding algorithms also lead to high cost savings.


An e-auction is a transaction between sellers and suppliers on an electronic platform. This process needs to be fully protected and safe without compromising the speed of the bidding. Successful procurement solutions companies provide a user-friendly and fast bidding platform without compromising data safety.

Supplier management solutions

Procurement solutions with supplier management software facilitate interactions between companies and suppliers. In 2022, procurement solutions leaders need an online system that onboards suppliers through a smooth registration process, and manages all issues flexibly. Modern supplier management solutions also offer quick, 24/7 access to crucial supplier information.

Spend analytics solutions

Consolidation of spend information (across multiple sources) can turn around your business ROI. It can also give leaders a clear identification of purchase patterns and trends. Procurement solutions with spend analytics empower owners with end-to-end knowledge about their spend data, including analyses of vendor performance and identifying potential methods to save. The correct solution will be able to optimize cost savings and enhance opportunities for saving.

E-contract management

Procurement software that offers e-contact management solutions gives you a paper-free and risk-free working environment. CLM (contract lifecycle management) software ensures accuracy and minimizes financial and audit risks. Team members can share contract details regardless of geographical location. Accessing archived information in one unified place also makes budgeting easier, and there’s no chance of missing an important contract renewal date ever again.

Procurement solutions are shaping the future of manufacturing industries. Real time spend visibility and advanced inputs on cost savings have the potential to drive accountability, profitability and enterprise-wide flexibility. Procol is equipped to handle every procurement concern in an user-friendly and timely manner. It has 45+ unique algorithms to pinpoint saving opportunities during sourcing and bidding. With its deep experience in e-auctions and an industry record for the fastest deployment, Procol is a great choice for small businesses looking to digitize their procurement process and for organizations familiar with CLM software. Its simplicity, uniqueness, and the assurance of 24/7 availability make it the procurement experts’ choice of solution provider in 2022.


Digitizing procurement processes solves problems arising from particular projects and solves human error. The best procurement solutions give you a quick and scalable method. The top 5 areas that procurement solutions can transform are e-sourcing, e-bidding, supplier management solutions, spend analytics solutions and e-contract management solutions. A great procurement solutions expert like Procol will be able to reap the benefits of quick and cost-effective digitization.

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