How eRFx Contributes to Transparency and Efficiency

Shridhar Taparia
Oct 23, 2022·4 min


An electronic request for quotations (eRFx), enables sourcing specialists to electronically send requests for specific information needed to evaluate potential suppliers. The proposal, quotation, info, and tender are all represented by the letter “x.”

Requests of this nature were traditionally provided on paper, over the phone, through fax, or via email, making it difficult and time-consuming to do fair comparisons between various providers. With the help of an eRFx software, submitting requests for quotations, information, and bids may be streamlined, effective, and legally acceptable.


Advantages of eRFx Software in E-Procurement

According to a McKinsey research, utilising an eRFx software can cut the cost of products or services by up to 40% while reducing the time needed to bring newly designed items to market. There are certain advantages of using eRFx software in procurement. Some of them are as follows:

1. Consistency & Longevity

Automating the RFx and procurement processes helps save money which is arguably the most critical advantage. Aside from savings, there are supplementary benefits to having trusted and strategically picked suppliers, such as on-time delivery, discounts, lower product defects, fewer service disruptions, and uninterrupted operations. The procurement role is a long-term strategic one, but only a few businesses recognise this. Consequently, there are other benefits to strategically chosen suppliers besides financial ones. The stability of an organisation makes using an organised eRFx software a viable option for expanding your firm.

2. Optimisation of Existing Procedures

When you streamline your processes, your team works better and produces more. The work quality and the time available for more productive activities will increase. Using standardised eRFx templates streamlines the purchasing process and reduces the possibility of making mistakes while communicating with a new vendor. As a bonus, this uniformity lends the purchasing company an air of professionalism in the eyes of both established and potential vendors. As important data is saved and protected against deletion, the company can lessen the impact of staff turnover on its knowledge base. References and validation of previous contacts are simply accessible, making it possible to revisit initiatives completed even years ago with any permitted partners.

3. Alignment of Goals

Profitable businesses understand the importance of procurement procedures to their expansion. Managing procurement means overseeing a fundamental part of the company. Using a systematic eRFx process, you may quickly and easily get in touch with several suppliers, get the data and quotes you need, and settle on a purchase. The foundation of simplified and effective procurement is a well-planned eRFx process. The eRFx procedure helps businesses make purchases that support their long-term aims. For instance, a company focusing on minimising expenses can employ strategic eRFx procedures to locate suppliers offering competitive pricing.
The eRFx process ensures value creation through the alignment of purchasing goals with long-term business objectives.

4. Timelines

By employing pre-made templates, the eRFx software streamlines the process formerly carried out in programs like Microsoft Word and Excel. In order to submit an RFI, RFQ, or RFP, a buyer only finds a suitable template online and fills it out with the necessary information. The eRFx software’s reliability and supplier activity tracking capabilities make it simple to meet tight deadlines. The purchaser can see when recipients have accessed the survey and completed it, as well as see whether any responses have been left blank. You may use these requests to communicate with potential vendors and collect responses. The eRFx procedure has built-in tools for performing market research and supplier comparisons. Strategic requests for information (RFI) allow you to quickly send and receive responses to your procurement queries.

5. Knowledge Sharing

An eRFx software not only facilitates communication between buyers and suppliers but also facilitates communication among employees internally.
By grouping related files into a single message and including only the URLs to those files, communication between retailers and vendors is streamlined. A supplier will be alerted that further information is needed when a buyer updates the eRFx tool with new or revised information. With the platform’s real-time changes, you can forget about strings of emails and several document revisions. The exchange of emails between the two parties is recorded and available to authorised users at any time. This openness is critical to the success of the working partnership between the two entities.

eRFx softwares provides access to vital data such as supplier contact information, project history, and supplier files, regardless of whether employees entered the data initially. Participants and observers might be given access to all paperwork and records about a transaction. These capabilities facilitate quick and effective information sharing during team expansion, personnel changes, and inspections.

Final Thoughts

With the help of an eRFx software, you can be more responsive and proactive with day-to-day procurement activities. When it comes to saving money and time, businesses have extensively adopted Procol, a flexible, comprehensive e-procurement solution that can be tailored to your specific needs. If you want to discover how to reduce the time across your procurement cycle, schedule a demo today.

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