Supplier Management

Procol’s intelligent solution revolutionizes the way you engage with your suppliers. India’s leading mobile-first solution equipped with unique algorithms helps you automate the supplier lifecycle while giving a competitive edge to drive compliance, efficiency, and innovation.

Effortlessly drive value with an innovative, AI-powered supplier management solution

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    Real-time visibility of end-to-end supplier lifecycle

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    Centralized repository to store all related information

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    Gain access to full audit trail, reports, checklists, and more

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    Manage supplier onboarding/deboarding

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    Reduce supplier risk with flexibility to block them in system

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    Maintain supplier scorecards and due diligence with performance tracker

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    Integrated communication to build strong supplier relationships

  • Simplify Supplier Collaboration and Focus on the Bigger Picture

    Procol’s smart supplier management takes off your load to manually process supplier information and eliminates any data discrepancies that might have crawled in.

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      Risk Mitigation

      Minimize your business’s volatility and risk by acting on the first signs of trouble. Keep tabs of supplier performance against your benchmarks and get real-time tracking updates on your device.

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      Performance Analysis

      Our robust solution offers a 360-degree view of supplier performance to help you make important decisions. Use smart analytics to aggregate key metrics like supplier profiles, scorecards, audit reports, and assessments at one place and derive positive outcomes.

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      Unparalleled Visibility

      Consolidate supplier information and performance reports at a centralized platform to give easy access to all departments at your organization.

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      Nurture Supplier-Centric Relationships

      Collaborate with suppliers in real-time to exchange documents, resolve issues, and manage approvals through a two-way communication portal.

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      Improve Organizational Efficiency

      Ensure optimal results and cost optimization by digitizing supplier metrics. Drive greater value with data-driven decisions enabled with smart dashboards and customizable reports.

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      Bespoke Workflows

      Streamline your supply chain with our flexible, easy-to-use dashboards and monitor every step of your supply chain.

    Insights from Procol


    “Helps companies make purchases from suppliers who bid for their business in a live online platform”

    — Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia

    “The startup helps food retailers procure inventory online, has clients such as Bikanervala and Big Bazaar.”

    — Yuvraj Malik

    “A single platform for sourcing, collaboration, commodity insights; helps businesses save cost and time”

    — Editorial Desk

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