Sourcing Optimiser

Optimise your most routine sourcing process, eRFX, and contract negotiations in the fastest way possible.Leverage Procol's intelligent APIs to centralise all sourcing data onto a single platform and simplify the most complicated processes with faster decision-making.

Optimise Sourcing with Tailored Solutions
based on Your Needs!

Before Procol

  • iconExcel-based eRFXs
  • iconInabiltiy to reflect changing bids
  • iconManual, open to error process
  • iconIneffecient decision-making

After Procol

  • iconCustomisable templates
  • iconSectional weightage mechanism
  • iconReal-time update of proposal & bids
  • iconAutomated sourcing process
  • icon100% Transparency
  • iconData-driven, intelligent decision-making
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Why Procol’s
Sourcing Optimiser?

Make Faster Decisions

Our advanced sourcing optimiser combines data from multiple sources and enables stakeholders to make informed decisions with relevant insights.

Unparalleled Flexibility

Our scalable and customised dashboards are designed in a way to tackle multiple bids and create a collaborative marketplace for enterprises and suppliers.

Improved Productivity

Manage events, proposals, and contracts, at a centralised dashboard to render faster time to value.

100% Process Transparency

Procol provides a bird-eye view of the entire sourcing channel by introducing transparency across departments/hierarchies.

Analyse Internal and External Data

Trim down the spending “leakage” by taking advantage of Procol’s smart data modelling and unlock savings upto 10% on your procurement spend.

Insights from Procol


“Helps companies make purchases from suppliers who bid for their business in a live online platform”

— Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia

“The startup helps food retailers procure inventory online, has clients such as Bikanervala and Big Bazaar.”

— Yuvraj Malik

“A single platform for sourcing, collaboration, commodity insights; helps businesses save cost and time”

— Editorial Desk

Procol can revolutionize procurements for you.

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